Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Touchscreen Desktop Monitors - do you hear a train?

Viewsonic has a big, beautiful monitor that doubles as a standalone tablet, the VSD220.  For those making the transition to a desktop version of Windows 8, you'll want a touchscreen.  And this one includes a built-in webcam.

However, consumer reviews are showing that this model is not quite ready.  First, it is only a 2-point multi-touch screen.  Windows 8 works best with 10-point multi-touch.  Second, the drivers aren't available;  Windows 8 will not recognize it fully. 

This monitor connects via HDMI, as it should, to carry audio and video in one cable.  But your PC or laptop might not have an HDMI port.

Here's's video review.

It's exciting to see where the future - and, in this case, not so far off - is headed.  But - especially if you have a limited budget - I would pass.  If not, it is a lovely, large Android device that can display the PC/laptop Desktop.

In fact, for the budget-conscious and bleeding-edge-adverse, I would wait at least 6 months to a year to let the technology develop & refine - and for the prices to drop.

My $0.02 worth!