Friday, August 30, 2013

Moving Forward - Touch Me!

So when will we stop buying PCs and laptops and use tablets, smartphones & that-next-big-thing?

I've started advising users of email and web surfing to resign their PCs entirely.  Go, get an iPad or Android tablet ... or a Microsoft's Surface RT while it's still on sale.  They're all great! 

Even if you need Word & Excel, the Surface RT comes with slimmed-down versions of the Office favorites.  I do recommend either of the cover/keyboards.  The built-in kickstand is as clever as the removable keyboard.

If you're running legacy or Windows specific programs, then by all means stick with laptops and even desktops.  I would not bother to compose these blog posts on anything but a full-sized keyboard and a mouse.

Now, there is an app for the iPad called Parallels Access that stretches the concept of the iPad as THE mobile device, as an addition to your Macs and PCs.  Here's a hands' on video to whet your appetite (click the Parallels icon):
From Engadget:

Again, not a replacement but an addition.  Maybe a replacement for the laptop, though!  Citrix - are you watching?!