Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Is there an easy way to alphabetize the desktop icons in Windows?

Yes and no.


  1. The icons can be moved freely and arranged in any order you like
  2. The icons can be sorted alphabetically. Point the cursor to an empty spot on the Desktop and right-click, then left-click on Sort by [Name, Date, Size, or Item Type].


  • There is no way to set or fix the order of the icons.  Now, they will not change order if you don't move them.  
  • However, going into Safe Mode or reducing the screen resolution setting may cause the icons to be reordered so none of them are missing from view.


  • Auto Arrange will "permanently" sort them by your chosen Sort by choice
  • The icon size can be changed as well.

I wish I had a fix for this one.  Like many, I'll group some icons together.