Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TED Talks
Are you a member of Mensa?  Do you like smart people whom share their knowledge, experience and passions?  Then TED, short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, can provide you with hours of videos of TEDTalks.

Here is a TEDTalk from November of 2011 that is not only informative, topical, and very relevant to many people whom own or operate electronics that accept or are manipulated by wireless communications.  Avi Rubin, a professor of Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University, describes how many common as well as hi-tech medical computer-controlled devices have been hacked.  His specialty is in trustworthy computing.

In addition to many of the electronic systems in late model cars, Dr. Rubin provides these examples of implanted medical devices that are designed to be reprogammed wirelessly, yet do not have security features to prevent, uh, undesired changes:
  • insulin pump
  • artificial pancreas
  • programmable vasectomy
  • artificial neurostimulators
  • obesity control
  • artificial vision
Overall, his talk was humorous, yet ultimately sobering.  You might enjoy many of the other TED presentations.  Go to  But not while you're at work!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Changes to the Look of Gmail

I have not heard one person tell me that they like the New Look of Gmail.  Me neither.  But I'm getting used to it and learning some of their tricks & shortcuts.

I've switched my Theme to High Contrast.  It helps when I'm looking at my Inbox or any other email list.

One feature that seemed to disappear was the (show me the) Oldest/Newest when sifting through the list of emails.  It's there, actually.  Here's how:
Gmail's List View
Here's the 1-2-3: 
  1. go to your Inbox
  2. move your mouse pointer to the 1-100 of x,xxx and hover there
  3. as the Newest/Oldest box will appear, then click on Oldest
And, yes, I was on Papa John's Facebook page, wondering when my Free Pizza email from Papa John's will arrive.  I think the positive buzz is turning negative as hungry Rewards members have been expecting to order a pie tonight!

Contacts is not gone, either.  For much more about Google Gmail's new look, go HERE

For your Contacts, click on the little pull-down triangle next to Mail and the box to switch between Mail & Contacts appears: 

Tasks opens up a pop-up over either Mail or Contacts.  And when you want to go back to Mail, do the same thing;  the pull-down will be next to Contacts.