Friday, November 9, 2018

Sign up for the Free USPS Informed Delivery ... before someone else does!

At first I thought that's Informed Delivery was clever but not all that important.  My thoughts have changed.  In a BIG WAY.

U.S. Secret Service is warning of cybercriminals using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) “Informed Delivery,” feature to commit various identity theft and credit card fraud schemes.

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone sign up for USPS's Informed Delivery.  It is free and it prevents fraudsters from claiming your account & address first, then ordering credit cards in your name, and then knowing when to pick up your mail as cards are delivered.

I use it primarily to see when important mail and packages are expected and delivered.

But, from SC Media's article highlighting the Secret Service's findings, I see that it is more than simply a convenience.

Of course, I do hope the USPS will make these accounts more secure for mail recipients, but I'm not betting on that happening anytime soon.  As it is, when I use my account to hold my mail, apparently the separate USPS service that deliver many of USPS packages or packages from other couriers (including FedEx and UPS and DHL) do not get the same message to hold packages.  I suppose I need to complain a bit higher up the chain!

Here's an example of the USPS email that lets me know what mail is expected.  Note that the non-specific image was pointing to a magazine delivery.
USPS Informed Delivery Email