Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES Time!

I admit it.  I love new, shiny things.  For me it was first anything I could take apart.  Tools came next.  Then, my bike, then stereos, then cars and, once I was mobile - I grew up in a suburban island - the world opened up.

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, takes place in Las Vegas around the 2nd week of January.  Acres of BIG, tiny, shiny, flashing, turning, glowing, ..., well, you get the idea.  It's where many next-big-things are unveiled.  From the Washington Post: 
  • By The Numbers: More than 140,000 people are expected to visit more than 3,100 exhibitors. The show spans some 1.8 million square feet of booths and exhibits, which is equivalent to 31 football fields.
Woot! is at this year's CES and I had to waste some time watching them set up their booth.  Pretty cool.  Here is their video, courtesy of YouTube:
(Click for) Stupid Woot! Video Podcast
Don't know Woot?  Bargain outlet for lots of shiny tech that's sometimes crappy and sometimes great.  Then, there's the Woot-off.  And all the Woot spin-offs.  Go.  Shop.  Waste time.  It's Crap-tastic!  Occasionally, some G-R-E-A-T deals!

Oh, yes - CES, itself.  Many tech sites & news outlets are already reporting.  Check out: &
This Week in Tech - - Watch CES Live -
ZD Net -
and, for goodness sake, the tech section of Google News -

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